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Дельфины – единственные животные, которые узнают себя в зеркале (как и человек).

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Sea Shepherd - международная некоммерческая организация по защите диких морских обитателей и водной экосистемы нашей планеты. Организует протестные акции против резни китов и дельфинов в Дании и Японии.
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Ric O’Barry’s Dolphin Project - организация, основанная Риком О Бари, бывшим тренером дельфинов, которая стремится остановить убийства дельфинов и их эксплуатацию по всему миру. Их работа отражена в таких фильмах как «Бухта», A Fall From Freedom и мини-серии Blood Dolphin$ на Animal Planet.
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Oceanic Preservation Society (OPS) - команда энтузиастов, преданных делу защиты китов и дельфинов по всему миру. Их работа поражает и вдохновляет. Создатели фильма «Бухта», рекомендуемого всем к просмотру.
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Sea Shepherd Fleet Report

Материал от 18.08.14

Sea Shepherd Ship Updates

1. STEVE IRWIN: On 15th of August, the Steve Irwin returned to Williamstown from Tasmania after 33 days in dry dock. The vessel is now faster and stronger. Hull plates that were damaged by the ice, weather, and confrontations were replaced in the dry dock. The extent of damage resulted in a higher dry dock bill than budgeted - about $465,000 AUD, as opposed to $250,000 AUD. Replacement plating had not been budgeted for but became necessary after non-destructive testing was carried out. The crew will be taking the next five days off, as they've been working non-stop from about 0800 to 2230 every day for the past month in dry dock.

2. BOB BARKER: The media room in the Bob Barker has been completely refurbished. The bridge renovations are completed. The galley renovations are continuing, with the steel plate now in place to address corrosion. Once the deck is in place and retiled, the new galley units can be installed. The Hunter small boat (Zeppelin) has been returned from the shop and is now back on board. On the 15th of November, the Bob Barker will transit from Melbourne to Hobart, from where it will leave on campaign.

3. SAM SIMON: The major work being carried out on board the Sam Simon is the removal of the fuel locker on the quarterdeck in order to fit the Farley (Zeppelin).

4. BRIGITTE BARDOT: The Brigitte Bardot made the transit from Cape Verde to the Faroe Islands via Ireland over the last few weeks and is now patrolling in the Faroe Island for Operation Grindstop 2014.

5. JAIRO MORA SANDOVAL: The Jairo Mora Sandoval has been given permission to assist the Cape Verdean conservation organization Biosfera where it will transport equipment to the sea turtle beach in Santa Luzia.

6. SMALL BOATS: The Sea Shepherd France small boats Thor, Loki, B.S. Sheen and Mike Galesi are in the Faroe Islands along with the German sailing vessel Pegasus and the French sailing vessel Columbus patrolling the islands to prevent the killing of whales.

7. ODYSSEY: The Odyssey is in the Gulf of Mexico doing research on toxin levels in Sperm whales caused by the Deep Water Horizon Spill.

Sea Shepherd thus has vessels in Europe, Australia and Africa.
1. The Steve Irwin in Antarctica
2. The Bob Barker weathering a storm in the Southern Ocean
3. The Sam Simon in the Tasman Sea
4. The Brigitte Bardot in the Faroe Islands
5. The Jairo Mora Sandoval off West Africa





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